The bakery

Fresh from the "oven"

Slowly I have gotten bolder with my soaping and have made some pretty amazing looking pies and cupcakes, if I may say so myself. :) These soaps are both functional and pretty! They are still made of my favorite skin loving recipe, but they are also pretty enough to fit on display until you are ready to use them. Not to mention scent the room beautifully too!

Tips for use:

Remove the various decorations before use (flowers, straws, butterflies etc)

Cut the bar in half long ways to have a large flat side to rest the soap on once in use. This way you can save the other half nice and dry until it is needed.

Use a wooden dish to wick away moisture to make your bar have the maximum life.

Simply Love

A mouth-wateringly sweet blend of mango, papaya and green apple and topped with a big red heart. This cupcake is a joy to any who receive one.

Honeydew Dreams

Honeydew Dreams is just darling! The scent is so fresh and uplifting. Melon & ginger sweetness to tantalize your nose. Plus it is just so adorable you wont mind leaving it out for all to see!

Blueberry Sundae

This is the same incredible blueberry scent that's in my Blueberry Muffin soap bar, just in a fun new shape! This soap smells just so divine, you wont be able to stop sniffing it. The beauty is, it is just so pretty to sit in your bathroom until you are ready to use it!

Satsuma Sunset

Nothing tops the sweet and savoury scent of satsuma. A fresh citrus blast is always a great cure to a down day. This dreamy cupcake is topped with a floral decoration as well as straws making it look like a fruity beverage.

Banana Cream

Banana cream is so yummy smelling it could not be anything but a cupcake. Our original soap cupcake is topped with a banana slice carved from soap as well as sprinkles and a chocolate curl.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is scented with kiwi strawberry making it a delicious addition to the cupcake line up. Topped with whipped cream and a carved soap berry to make it even more visually appealing.

Poop Emoji

This cute little guy smells so much better than anyone could ever expect. You and the kids can have with this vanilla and fudge scented beauty!

Tutti Fruity

Tutti Frutti soap slice. This fresh fruity scent will remind you of a fresh summer berry salad, ready for a dollop of whipped cream, Yum!

Calypso Mudpie

Calypso Mudpie. This soap slice is scented with a fragrance blend of tropical fruit and cocoa. It smells so good you want to grab a fork!

Banana Cream Pie

Banana cream pie... soap! Scented with delicious banana fragrance oil that will snap you right back to summers in the backyard eat banana popsicles. Soooo gooood!