This butter has everything but the scent and colour. It is just pure luscious whipped body butter for extra sensitive skin.

Citrus Bomb

This is scented with Sab's own blend of essential oils. It has orange, lavender, palmarosa, pink grapefruit and a hint of peppermint. It is invigorating but light.


Scented with gentle, soothing lavender. It is said that lavender is a mood stabilizer and helps you get to sleep, regardless this butter is awesome.

Sugar Scrubs


This scrub began it all. I needed a natural scrub that took away dead, grey, Canadian winter skin and these scrubs do it and then some. Elbows, feet and everywhere in between! My scrubs will leave your skin all over soft, smooth and totally touchable! And talk about natural they are completely edible.

Directions: Take a small amount into your hand, warms it in the palm of your hand and gently scrub your dry skin in a circular motion, thoroughly rinse and pat dry.

Tip: Is your skin extra dry? Rinse with COLD water and pat dry. that will leave an extra layer of coconut oil to help moisturize deeply troubled skin.

Orange & Brown Sugar Scrub:

Made with organic virgin coconut oil, golden brown sugar, sea salt and ground orange zest. Scented with orange essential oil.

Lime Margarita Sugar Scrub:

Made with organic virgin coconut oil, pure white sugar, sea salt and ground lime zest. Scented with lime essential oil.

Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub:

Made with organic virgin coconut oil, pure white sugar, sea salt and ground grapefruit zest. Scented with pink grapefruit essential oil.

Dead Sea Clay

This mask is the dead sea mud itself. It goes on wet and has to be washed off before drying to prevent it from leaching moisture from the skin. Dead sea mud however is great on the skin and is well worth the effort.

Sea clay and kelp

Made with clay from the sea and kelp this dry facial mask and is great for use on oily skin.

Rhassoul clay and oatmeal

Made with Rhassoul clay and oatmeal this dry facial mask is great for use on tired and sensitive skin.


Arnica Montana flower has been known in traditional herb lore to be an awesome healer. It has been used for bruising and sprains and muscle pains. So I have infused pure olive oil with arnica flowers and created a wonderful thick lotion perfect for long massage. Arnica does its magic without heat or cold.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Candalila wax and essential oils


The unscentedarnica rub is great for people that are scent sensitive while still offering the great effects of the arnica flower.


The added lavender makes this muscle rub extra relaxing which can help to further ease pain and speed along the healing of injuries.


The added wintergreen makes this muscle rub have an additional heating effect for easement that goes bone deep.